Kodak T-MAX Film Developer - 1L

Kodak T-MAX Film Developer - 1L

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Kodak T-MAX Developer is a moderately active, liquid black-and-white film developer that offers enhanced shadow detail and maintained accurate tonal reproduction with normally processed and push-processed films. It is designed for use with almost any black-and-white continuous-tone film, especially the Kodak T-MAX films in format 35mm or 120. It is recommended to not use this developer in combination with sheet films.

This concentrate is a buffered solution designed to be diluted with water at 1:4 for easy mixing for small tank and rotary  development. This 1 litre bottle contains enough concentrate to make 5 litre of working solution. T-MAX developer is designed for one-shot use and should not be replenished.



Mixed solution used as a working-tank solution

No additional solutions required, single-component film developer

Designed for processing film in roll sizes

Develop 35mm and 120 film with a single film developer

Liquid concentrates

Easy mixing

Good shadow detail

Good tone reproduction

Excellent storage characteristics for concentrate and working solution

Long solution life

Works well with normally exposed film as well as pushed film

One developer for normal and push processing

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1x Kodak T-MAX Film Developer - 1L
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