Zone Imaging 510 Pyro Film Developer - 100ml

Zone Imaging 510 Pyro Film Developer - 100ml

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The film developer comes standard with a dosing syringe given the high dilution. Usage instructions see the download section of this product page (update 07/2022). 

510 Pyro is a premium pyro staining film developer that won the Silvergrain Classics Awards 2021 and was made available to every analog photographer by UK-based darkroom technician James Lane (Zone Imaging). Now available for the first time in Europe.

510 Pyro is one of the more modern pyro developers, that was invented by Jay DeFehr, offering exceptional fine grain, sharpness, more than 6 years shelf life, maximum image stain and minimal general stain and is suitable for rotary processors too. The stain offered by this developer gives extraordinary shadow recovery in direct digitisation of negatives, incredible highlight separation for darkroom printing and more density for highlights when using UV based alt process printing methods. By using extremely dilute working solutions - 1:100 to 1:500, this makes this developer also extremely economical. The developer comes standard with an oral syringe to achieve this.

Important, an acidic stop bath and hypo clear must not be used with 510 Pyro developed negatives as they destroy the stain! A water stop bath is instead recommended. The developer is not compatible with Bergger Pancro 400 due to the double emulsion.

To summarize 510 Pyro has to following advantages:

  • Razor sharp and extremely fine grained - most ISO 100 films go grainless! Unrivalled long tonal range particularly in shadows and highlights

  • A 100ml bottle develops 30-100 35mm rolls, 6+ years shelf life

  • Protects film from damage and uniquely gives negatives that are optimised for scanning, silver gelatine and UV printing processes with the same development time

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1x, Zone Imaging 510 Pyro Film Developer - 100ml, 1x Oral Syringe


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