Jobo 9511 Alpha B&W Film Developer - (2x300ml)

Jobo 9511 Alpha B&W Film Developer - (2x300ml)

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The Jobo 9511 Alpha B&W Film Developer has been co-engineered with German chemist Klaus Wehner. It is based on the original formula of Agfa Atomal which is different than the Adox version that is currently available. 

The Jobo Alpha B&W Film Developer allows full use of the film speed and is still characterized by very fine grain structure and great sharpness. It has been specifically designed for rotary processing of any type of black-and-white negative film. Of course it can also be used for inversion processing, but in rotary processing it truly excels.

To ensure the developer's shelf life, it is supplied in two parts of 300ml and has to be mixed and diluted with only water. Both bottles deliver a total working solution of 6L which allows to develop to about 50 films. 

It is important that the developer is used in combination with a ph-neutral fixer (natrium thiosulfate). This is the most gentle way of processing the organic film emulsion. For this, Jobo has also released the accompanying 9512 ph-neutral fixer in powder form which is available separately or in a complete kit with the Alpha film developer.


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1x Jobo 9511 Alpha B&W Film Developer - (2x300ml)
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