Amaloco AM 74 Film Developer - 500ml

Amaloco AM 74 Film Developer - 500ml

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Amaloco AM 74 is a universal semi-compensating fine-grain black-and-white film developer and represents the balanced compromise between an unprecedented high sharpness and a fine grain structure.

The semi-compensating nature of the film developer results in normal gradation and controlled coverage even when overexposed or underexposed (large exposure latitude). This is why there is hardly ever a negative that is too hard or too soft or a disruptive grain pattern. This developer offers details in all areas of light both in the shadows and the highlights. Roll, 35mm and sheet films with a film sensitivity between ISO 25 and ISO 400 can often be treated in a single development time, this opens up the possibility of developing films of different film speeds simultaneously, just as with Diafine. For certain black-and-white films different development times apply.

After all, efficient buffering of the developer prevents the need for development time extensions. In short, AM 74 offers simplicity and security to the beginner and, thanks to its large exposure latitude, an unprecedented range of possibilities for the experienced analog photographer. AM 74 is the modern negative developer, taking full advantage of the evolved features of the latest emulsion technologies such as Ilford Delta and Kodak T-Max.

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