Kodak XTOL Film Developer - 5L (Part A + Part B)

Kodak XTOL Film Developer - 5L (Part A + Part B)

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Kodak XTOL is a two-part powder film developer for processing Kodak and other manufacturers’ normally exposed, pushed, or pulled black-and-white films. XTOL is an ascorbic acid-based film developer which yields a very high image quality at full emulsion speed and a very fine grain (dilution 1:1) even with classic b&w film emulsions like Ilford HP5 Plus.

It consists out of two parts which must be mixed together with water. When mixing you slowly add Part A to water and stir it until its completely dissolved. The solution will then be somewhat copper-coloured, which is normal. After that you slowly add Part B, stir it until the copper tint completely clears. The package contains enought powder to make 5 litre of working solution.



Ascorbic acid-based black-and-white  film developer

Very high image quality at full emulsion speed

No hydroquinone

Convenient, room-temperature mixing for immediate use

Two-part powder

Quick, easy mixing

Excellent keeping properties

Good shelf life (six months after mixing when stored in full bottles)

Robust, abuse-tolerant, clean-working solution

Stable performance across a range of temperatures, dilutions and agitation methods

Excellent emulsion speed with normal and push processing

Enhanced shadow contrast and improved highlight detail with some films

Fine grain and high sharpness

Enhanced sharpness, especially with 1:1 dilution

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1x Kodak XTOL Film Developer - 5L (Part A + Part B)
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