Moersch Finol 1000 Film Developer - (2x500ml)

Moersch Finol 1000 Film Developer - (2x500ml)

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Moersch Finol is the third and last two-part film developer in the stain developer family. Compared to Tanol Speed, this film developer gets about 1/3 of an F-stop less speed out of the film. The stain is not as strong, the base fog is less than with Tanol Speed and the sharpness is identical.

When developed with at suggested times, the negatives work well with graded papers (grade 2) and mixed-light enlarger heads. When using a multi-contrast paper, you may need to use filter grades 3 or 4 because of the effect of the stain. If the required filter value is consistently too high, you should increase the developing time by around 10%.

2x500ml for the preparation of 50 litres of working solution – capacity: 200 films; comes in a plastic bottle and with a graduated pipette.

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1x Moersch Finol 1000 Film Developer - (2x500ml)
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