Adox Silvermax Film Developer - 100ml

Adox Silvermax Film Developer - 100ml

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The Adox Silvermax Film Developer has been especially formulated for the development of all Adox Silvermax black-and-white films. The developer activates certain passive elements in each Silvermax emulsion and thereby further expands the photographic capabilities of the film. It reduces DMAX-levels and extends the film's curve, which yields up to 14 zones when the negative is printed.

  • Standard dilution: 1+29 (10ml plus 290ml water to make 300ml working solution).

  • Developing time: 11 minutes at 20°C (agitate the first half minute continuously and then tilt every 30 seconds once).

  • Capacity: 100ml to mix 3 liters of working solution and to process up to 12 rolls of film

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