Foma Universal Film- and Paper Developer - 1L

Foma Universal Film- and Paper Developer - 1L

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Foma Universal Developer is a two-component, normal-working powder developer for both film and paper. Foma Universal is a rather unique developer as it has dual use, it can be used to develop black and white photographic papers and films. This makes it a highly versatile developer for all your developing need.

Just like any other Foma developer, the preparation of the working solution is an easy task. The content of the smaller and the bigger bag is dissolved in 800 ml of warm water (50 to 70 °C). The solution is then filled up with water to reach the final volume of 1 liter. The standard dilution for film is 1+3. When developing photographic papers, it is advised to not dilute the developer. 


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1x Foma Universal Film- and Paper Developer - 1L
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