Tetenal Paranol S Film Developer - 250ml

Tetenal Paranol S Film Developer - 250ml

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Tetenal Paranol S is a fine grain black-and-white film developer, the abbreviation “S“ stands for the excellent sharpness of this developer and the high emulsion speed yield. It is based on p-Aminophenol and is therefore deemed by many photographers as the ideal alternative to Agfa Rodinal.

Just like Rodinal, Paranol S offers high acutance and ideally suited for low to medium speed black-and-white negatieve films up to ISO 200, as it enhances the fine grain characteristics of these films. 

Tetenal Paranol S can be used with two dilutions: 1+25 and 1+50. The different dilutions can be used to help control the contrast of negatives and the length of developing time. This 250ml bottle will develop up to 25 35mm or 120 films and has a shelf life of about six months when opened and stored properly. Be aware that in contrary to many other types of film developers, Paranol S has a much darker color. The developer is exhausted when its color has become deep brown.


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