Ilford Perceptol Film Developer - 1L

Ilford Perceptol Film Developer - 1L

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ILFORD PERCEPTOL is an extra fine grain powder developer for black & white films. Negatives developed in this powder produce stunningly sharp enlargements and offer greater definition and detail than even the most popular standard fine grain developers.

Specially formulated for maximum sharpness and detail, PERCEPTOL exploits the superb grain structure of medium and slow speed films such as DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL, FP4 PLUS and PAN F PLUS. It also produces significantly finer grain in faster films such as, DELTA 400 PROFESSIONAL, HP5 PLUS and DELTA 3200 PROFESSIONAL (when compared with a standard fine grain developer).

Key features:

  • Extra fine grain developer

  • For image sharpness and detail

  • Compatible with all tanks


Product features

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1x Ilford Perceptol Film Developer - 1L
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