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Foma Fomafix P Powder Fixer - 1L

Foma Fomafix P Powder Fixer - 1L

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Foma Fomafix P is a two-component, one-bath, universal acid powder fixer with hardener. It is made for the manual processing of all black-and-white films and photographic papers (RC and FB). It is very similar to the powder fixer from Kodak.

The contents of the larger and then the smaller bag must be dissolved in 600ml of water at 40 °C. Add water until the total volume reaches 750 ml for film or 1 liter for paper.

The approximate fixing times at 20 °C are 10 minutes for films and 3 to 5 minutes for paper. The working solution is enough to fix 15 35mm films or 120 roll films, a corresponding amount of sheet films (up to 35 sheet 5x7"), 1.5 m² photographic paper with a fiber base or 3 m² with a resin-coated base.

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1x Foma Fomafix P Powder Fixer - 1L
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