Kodak T-MAX Fixer - 1L

Kodak T-MAX Fixer - 1L

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Kodak T-MAX Fixer is a highly efficient, hardening fixer that can be used with any black-and-white film but is especially suited for films with T-Grain technology such as Kodak T-MAX and Ilford Delta.

B&W films with T-Grain emulsion technology require a more intensive fixing to avoid negatives with a magenta cast ("pink negatives") which are caused by insufficient fixing. Kodak T-MAX fixes negatives more intensively which results in normal fixing times and avoids that you have fix your T-Grain film twice. In the end this also results in less waste.

Standard dilution 1+4, add four litres of water to one litre concentrate to make five litres of working solution.

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1x Kodak T-MAX Fixer - 1L
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