Amaloco X89 ExtraFix Fixer - 1L

Amaloco X89 ExtraFix Fixer - 1L

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Amaloco X89 ExtraFix is an extra-concentrated odourless fixer for all black-and-white films and papers. The main difference with the X55 ProFix from Amaloco and other brands of fixer is the more than 10% higher content of Ammonium Thiosulphate. The direct advantage of this is in general a higher fixer speed, more power and a longer shelf life. X89 therefore offers more certainty so that black-and-white films and papers are really well fixed.

Dilution and fixation times at 20 °C:





1 + 4

1 - 2 min.

0,5 - 1 min.

1 - 2 min.

1 + 7

3 - 5 min.

1,0 - 1.5 min.

2 -3 min.

1 + 9


1,5 - 2 min.

3 - 5 min.

For T-Grain films such as Kodak T-MAX 100, 400 and P3200 and Ilford Delta 100, 400 and 3200, dilution 1+4 with fixation time of 4 minutes at 20 °C is recommended.

A maximum of 100 35mm cubic grain films (36 exposures) or a maximum of 60 35mm T-Grain films can be developed per litre of concentrate. For black-and-white photo papers, approximately 450 sheets of 18x24 cm RC paper or 320 sheets of 18x24 cm FB paper can be fixed.

The ideal storage temperature is between 10 and 20 °C. As with any other photochemistry, the shelf life of opened concentrates largely depends on the extent to which the chemistry is exposed to oxygen. The use of airtight bottles and/or an anti-oxidation spray is therefore recommended for maximum utilization. Opened concentrate can be kept in a half-full bottle for a maximum of 12-14 months. Working solutions can be used for 6-8 weeks if stored correctly.

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