Moersch ATS Rapid Fixer (Alkaline) - 1L

Moersch ATS Rapid Fixer (Alkaline) - 1L

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Moersch ATS is an odourless alkaline amoniumthiosulfate rapid fixer with a pH value between pH 7.5 - 8.0 for use with most black-and-white films and photographic papers.

Recommended dilution for black-and-white film and paper: 1+5 to 1+10.

  • Capacity per liter concentrate: 50-60 films (35mm - 36 exposures) or 2-4 m².

  • Fixing time films: 2-4 minutes at dilution 1+5.

  • Fixing time papers: 1-2 minutes at dilution 1+5.

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1x Moersch ATS Rapid Fixer (Alkaline) - 1L
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