Amaloco X55 ProfFix Fixer - 1L

Amaloco X55 ProfFix Fixer - 1L

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Amaloco X55 ProfFix is a liquid fixer suitable for almost all black-and-white films and photographic papers (RC or FB). Compared to Amaloco's X89 ExtraFix, the X55 is less concentrated and contains less Ammonium Thiosulphate. X55 also has an important buffering capacity with an adjusted pH value that ensures that both acid and alkali can be absorbed, without directly affecting the working of the fixer.

Per litre of concentrate Amaloco X55 ProfFix a maximum of 100 35mm black-and-white films (36 exposures), a maximum of 450 sheets of 18x24cm RC paper or a maximum of 320 sheets of 18x24cm FB paper can be fixed. Diluted and/or unused, X55 has a shelf life of three to six weeks, depending on the dilution used and the storage conditions.

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1x Amaloco X55 ProfFix Fixer - 1L
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