Tetenal Superfix Fixer (Odourless) - 1L

Tetenal Superfix Fixer (Odourless) - 1L

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Tetenal Superfix is a high-performance rapid fixer concentrate for all black-and-white negative films and photographic papers. 

The fixer is diluted at 1+4 for film and 1+9 for paper which equates to coverage of 18 films or 80 sheets of 20x25 cm (8x10 inch) paper.

Unlike the standard Superfix Plus, this fixer is odourless (citric acid) and also has a pH neutral balance which makes it the ideal fixer for those who have sensitive skin or cannot get used to the strong smell of the standard Superfix Plus.


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1x Tetenal Superfix Fixer (Odourless) - 1L
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