Compard Print NE Paper Developer (Agfa Neutol) - 5L

Compard Print NE Paper Developer (Agfa Neutol) - 5L

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Compard Print NE is a neutral tone paper developer for RC- and FB-based black-and-white papers. It is based on the original formula of the discontinued Agfa Neutol NE paper developer.

Compard Print NE is characterized by a rapid response time, high yield and fog resistance. Just like the original Agfa Neutol NE, this paper developer also contains the special limescale stabilizer that prevents paper blurring, even at high throughput rates. 

This paper developer is suitable for tray processing and also for drum and roller transport processing (without replenishment). 

Dilution: 1+7 or 1+11. 
Yield: up to 5 m² per liter of working solution.

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1x Compard Print NE Paper Developer (Agfa Neutol) - 5L
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