Adox Adotol Konstant II High Capacity Paper Developer - 1L

Adox Adotol Konstant II High Capacity Paper Developer - 1L

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The Adotol Konstant II High Capacity Paper Developer (identical to ORWO (Calbe) N113) is a powder black-and-white paper developer with a very high working capacity, which produces a neutral image tone. Adotol Konstant II is a long lasting paper developer that delivers constant developing times until it is exhausted. 

Powder developers will always outlast any liquid concentrate developer in terms of shelf-stability and working capacity. This is also the case with Adotol Konstant II, the developer will remain useable for several days even when it is left uncovered in developing trays. So if you are planning to do a developing series of prints on several subsequent days, it is not necessary to make new working solutions or to store the developer in airtight bottles when you are finished during the series. However if you want to store the working solution for a longer time (6 months to one year) it is advised to store the solution in fully-filled airtight bottles. The package contains enough powder to make one liter working solution.

Adotol Konstant II is an improved version of the original Adotol Konstant which now includes the innovative Adox CAPTURA Dust Binding technology. The powder does not smell anymore and does not produce dust while mixing it. The following improvements were also made to this version:

  • Homogeneous powder with less tendency to clot;

  • Aluminum-Compound bag for increased shelve life;

  • Biodegradable metal binder (sequestering agent).

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1x Adox Adotol Konstant II High Capacity Paper Developer - 1L
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