Moersch SE30 Meritol Paper Developer - 1L

Moersch SE30 Meritol Paper Developer - 1L

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Moersch SE30 Meritol is a slow-working paper developer for neutral to brown image tones. It produces a warm brown image tone at dilution 1+10 with warm tone papers at a two minute developing time. Maximum blackening is only achieved when the developing time is extended to three minutes. The image tone then changes to a cool brown-black.

Shelf life of concentrate 2 years, even after opening. Shelf life of the working solution about 2 to 3 weeks.

Capacity per liter of concentrate approx. 250 sheets size 24x30cm.

This product is sold out and temporarily unavailable to order. Please contact us for more information about the expected delivery time.

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1x Moersch SE30 Meritol Paper Developer - 1L
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