Tetenal Variobrom WA Paper Developer - 1L

Tetenal Variobrom WA Paper Developer - 1L

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Tetenal Variobrom WA is a high-quality warmtone paper developer for all black-and-white RC- and fiber-based photographic papers. 

Variobrom WA produces neutral to warm image tones with silver bromide papers and warm image tones with silver chloride papers. Note that most modern black-and-white photographic papers are coated with emulsions consisting of crystals formed from a mixture of silver chloride and silver bromide (referred to as chloro-bromo emulsions), like all papers from Ilford. Variobrom WA will therefore result in a neutral to warm image tone with most papers.

Variobrom WA is high-yielding and extremely stable. Suitable for tray and machine processing.

Tray processing: dilution 1+9. Development time at 20 °C: RC-based papers 60 -90s, fiber-based papers 90-120s.

Machine processing: dilution 1+7. Development time at 30 °C: RC-based papers 30s, fiber-based papers 45s. Repl. rate 350 ml/m².


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1x Tetenal Variobrom WA Paper Developer - 1L
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