Silverchrome BW Indicator Stop Bath - 500ml

Silverchrome BW Indicator Stop Bath - 500ml

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The Silverchrome BW Stop Bath is a powerful, liquid stop bath based on acetic acid, suitable for immediately neutralizing the film or paper developer and maximizing the activity of the fixing bath. The stop bath contains an indicator and will discolor when it is (almost) exhausted.

After several restructurings within the originally British company Ilford and the bankruptcy of the Swiss branch of the company in 2013, the brand name Ilford Imaging and trade rights were acquired by the Australian company CR Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd and the Japanese company Chugai Photo Chemical Company. Following the acquisition, Ilford Imaging focused primarily on the high quality inkjet paper market through an affiliate in Germany since 2014. Since 2020, the company also wants to market its expertise in analog printing processes and traditional photochemistry under the new name Silverchrome. This gave rise to the launch of a first paper series called Flexgrade for which raw materials are sourced from Germany by the now acquired Tecco and a range of photo chemicals produced by Chugai Photo in Japan. These products are in no way related to the traditional analog photo products marketed by Harman under the name Ilford. Silverchrome is a new analog photo brand marketed by players with a long history in the industry. 

Film RC Papers FB Papers
Dilution 1+39
Temperature (°C) 20 18-24
Stopping time (in seconds) 30 10 20
Capacity in films (135-36 of 120) 24 - -
Capacity in sheets size 20,3x25,4 cm / 8x10 inch 24 145 50

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1x Silverchrome BW Indicator Stop Bath - 500ml
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