Amaloco S10 Stop Bath - 1L

Amaloco S10 Stop Bath - 1L

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Amaloco S10 is a budget-friendly stop bath based on citric acid (odourless) for black-and-white film and photographic papers. The bath is equipped with an exhaust indicator for optimal utilization. With this stop bath, chemical processes are interrupted quickly and efficiently within approx. 30-60 sec. at 20 °C and dilution 1+19.

If the yellow color of the bath permanently changes to blue, the bath is completely exhausted and needs to be replaced. S10 can also be used as a stop bath the RA-4 process for the development of color papers in trays or drums. In such processes, the Amaloco S10 stop bath is often rather strongly colored, which makes it difficult to detect the exhaustion of the bath via the color change of the indicator.

S10 is not suitable for use as a stop bath in print processors such as Durst RCP 20 or 40 or other similar processors with a stop bath reservoir. A stop bath based on acetic acid should always be used for this purpose.

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