Moersch MT12 Cobalt Toner Kit

Moersch MT12 Cobalt Toner Kit

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The Moersch MT12 Cobalt Toner Kit offers the combination of cobalt and iron toners to obtain violet to blue-violet print tones. The degree of toning depends on the used dilution and the duration in the cobalt toner. Shorter toning times only generate a subtle tone in the highlights. Longer toning times also affect the shadows. The subsequent iron blue toner only reaches those areas that have not yet been fully toned by the cobalt toner.

Prepare the working solution of cobalt toner just before you use it. It is only usable for about 60 minutes!

All toning solutions included in this kit combined make up between 2,5 to 5 litres of working solution. The stock solutions have an almost unlimited shelf life. So it makes sense to only prepare the amount you absolutely need.

The working solution of the iron blue toner has a shelf life of several months and can be used until exhausted.

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1x Moersch MT12 Cobalt Toner Kit
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