CineStill Cs41 Simplified Color Film Processing Kit (Liquid) - Quart

CineStill Cs41 Simplified Color Film Processing Kit (Liquid) - Quart

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The Cs41 Color Film Processing Kit from CineStill is a C-41 developing kit for easy color film development at home. Indeed, this kit mainly emphasizes the simple self-development of color film at home with the darkroom materials you already have for developing black-and-white films.

The kit consists of only two baths (0.94 L) and is very flexible in use, the chemistry is usable at a temperature between 22 °C and 38 °C (see included instructions for detailed possibilities). Up to 10 films can be developed simultaneously. The kit is (re)usable and has a maximum capacity of 24 films. Just like any other C-41 kit you will get the most out of your development kit if you develop as many films as possible in small batches one after the other. With each successive development session the development time should be extended to compensate for the reduced effect of the chemistry.

The color developer has a shelf life of 6 weeks after production in full, airtight bottles. The other components keep longer. The shelf life of the kit can be drastically extended when using an anti-oxidation spray such as Tetenal Protectan.

In short, with this kit in combination with your existing film development tank, color thermometer and water, you can easily develop your color films at home. The chemistry can easily be brought up to temperature with the optional TCS-1000 Temperature Control System from CineStill.

Click here for the full user instructions of this development kit.

Most important features:

  • For developing any color negative film (C-41)

  • Liquid chemicals, easy to dilute with water

  • Process consisting of only two baths, as simple as black-and-white development

  • Develop color film with your existing materials for black-and-white film development such as a film developing tank and thermometer

  • More flexible temperatures compared to other C-41 kits

  • Clear instructions, for standard and push/pull development processes, both inversion and rotation development

  • Reusable chemistry for the development of up to 24 films

  • Develop up to 10 films simultaneously

  • Use of a temperature maintenance solution such as the CineStill TCS-1000 recommended for optimal and consistent film development.

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1x Color Developer Part A, 1x Color Developer Part B, 1x Color Developer Part C, 1x Blix Part A, 1x Blix Part B, 1x Blix Part C, 1x Stabilizer
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