CineStill Cn2 ECN-2 Motion Picture Color Film Developer (Powder) - 1L

CineStill Cn2 ECN-2 Motion Picture Color Film Developer (Powder) - 1L

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Please note that this is only the Cn2 ECN-2 Film Developer for use within CineStill's Cs2 2-bath developing process. In addition, you will also need the Bf2 Bleach&Fix+Stop bath. This is included in the complete Cs2 Kit. Given that the Bf2 has a higher capacity/durability than the Cn2 developer, it is now also available separately for maximum use of each Cs2 Kit.

The CineStill Cs2 2-bath process simplifies the original 10+ step Kodak ECN-2 process, with uncompromised quality and accurate characteristic curves, while making it safe and foolproof for at-home use. Any motion or still photography film can be processed in this simplified 2-bath powder kit, resulting in a low-contrast color negative that is suitable for the motion picture workflow and scanning. It recommended to always overexpose your color film with one stop to get the best results.

The Cn2 Color Negative Developer is combined with a pre-bath accelerant which kicks off development to produce proper ECN-2 density. The bleach and fixer baths are combined with the stop and washing baths in the Bf2 Bleach&Fix+Stop” bath, to reduce risks to health & safety and processing defects caused from hazardous chemical carryover. Bf2 comes in two parts that have to be mixed before use. After a final washing of your film you will have CineStill negatives matching Kodak’s characteristic curves for proper ECN-2 motion picture processing. In contrast to the Cs41 process, the Cs2 process has to be maintained at 40 °C at all time making a temperature control system like the TCS-1000 necessary.

Full instructions on how to use this kit can be found here.

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