Tetenal Colortec E-6 Color Slide Film Processing Kit - 2.5L

Tetenal Colortec E-6 Color Slide Film Processing Kit - 2.5L

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- Important notice for our international customers: this item cannot be shipped overseas by airfreight since some components are classified as hazardous by IATA-DGR safety regulations. -

A detailed manual of the development kit can be found under the download section of this product sheet. Contact us if you have any questions about the use of this kit!

The Tetenal Colortec E-6 Color Slide Film Processing Kit is one of the best solutions for those who want to develop their slide films on their own quickly and easily. Despite the fact that the kit is mainly aimed at home use, the chemistry is of professional quality and with correct use the same end result will be obtained when compared to lab developed films.

The innovative Colortec E-6 development process of Tetenal consists of only three baths with an optional fourth bath, namely: a first developer, the actual colour developer, bleach-fix and optionally the stabilisation bath. Between each bath, the film has to be washed with water for several minutes. The components are easy to mix and only need to be diluted with water to achieve the desired working solution. For example, the first developer should be topped up with 2 litres of water to create a complete 2.5L bath. Of course it is also possible to make smaller quantities of working solution (5x500ml).

The development process can only take place at a constant temperature of 38 °C and is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. In addition, it is very important that each component never comes into contact with each other as this can substantially influence the end result (the first developer should never come into contact with the color developer). It is therefore extremely important to thoroughly rinse the film/tank and the material used between the different baths with water. If the slide film has been overexposed or underexposed, this can be compensated by adjusting the times/temperature of the first developer. The film can be treated after development (three baths) in the fourth, optional stabilizer bath that ensures that the colors and contrast of the slide film remain constant over a long period of time.

After development, baths must be stored in airtight (accordion) bottles and can be treated with an anti-oxidant spray such as Tetenal Protectan to maximise shelf life. The biggest enemy of photochemistry is oxygen, if oxidation can be reduced to a minimum, the chemistry will last the longest. The storage time of the color developer is about 6 weeks (longer with anti-oxidation spray) and for the other baths about 12 weeks. The storage time of opened fresh concentrate is about 24 weeks. Be careful! Never mix fresh concentrate with already made working solutions to avoid contamination.

With the Colortec E-6 Kit of 2.5L you can develop about 30 35mm or 120 films.

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1x First Developer (500ml), 1x Color Developer Part 1 (500ml), 1x Color Developer Part 2 (500ml), 1x Bleach-Fix Part 1 (500ml), 1x Bleach-Fix Part 2 (500ml), 1x Stabilizer (500ml)
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