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MOD54 Film Drying Rack for 6 films (35mm, 120 or sheet)

MOD54 Film Drying Rack for 6 films (35mm, 120 or sheet)

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Made in the UK.

The British brand MOD54 is primarily known for their equally named and well-known development reel for 4x5" film. The development of the MOD54 reel came after its creator, British (analog) photographer Morgan O'Donovan, found no solution to develop his 4x5" sheet film himself in an affordable and efficient way. This film drying rack was born from the same idea since no similar product exists (anymore).

The MOD54 Film Drying Rack is made with sturdy, brushed, stainless steel that has alternating slots for hangers to insure that the film stays separate while drying. It comes with custom-designed chrome film clips which have a firm grip and do not rotate to make sure films do not get in contact when drying. Rolls of film should weighted with additional standard film clips for proper drying. These can be the film clips you already have like the Paterson, AP and Kaiser versions are available separately at Retro Camera if needed.

The rack can hold all types of film including 35mm, 120, 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 sheet film. It is supplied with an S-hook to hang it up easily. The corners of the rack have rings so you can hang regular film clips on it to extend capacity.

This version is suitable for drying 6 films and has outer dimensions 20x25cm.

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1x MOD54 Film Drying Rack for 6 films (35mm, 120 or sheet)

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