Jobo 2550 Multi Tank 5 Film Developing Tank

Jobo 2550 Multi Tank 5 Film Developing Tank

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The Jobo film developing tanks from the modular 2500 tank system are made of a high-quality, chemical-resistant plastic and are suitable for the development of 35mm film, roll film and sheet film, depending on the model. The 2500-series developing tanks are aimed at (semi-)professional use and are mainly focused on automated rotation development with a Jobo Film Processor. Nevertheless, the tanks can also be used for manual inversion development. This 2550 developing tank is therefore supplied as standard with the red tank lid.

The Jobo 2550 Multi Tank 5 film developing tank is the largest developing tank of the 2500 series as it is one of the best solutions on the market for developing large batches of 4x5" sheet film. Of course, the tank can also develop 35mm film and 120 roll film. 

The Multi Tank 5 developing tank is compatible with two Jobo 2509n reels for sheet film development. The 2509n reel can hold up to 6 sheet films of size 4x5 inch / 6x9cm / 9x12cm. The reel is made of durable materials for long term use. The design of the reel has been further refined over the years to ensure optimal circulation of photochemistry and an even and consistent development of the sheet film. The reel can be loaded easily by hand or with the optional 2508K Jobo Sheet Film Loader for fast and scratch-free loading of the film into the reel. For rotation development with a Jobo Processor, the use of the supplied plastic guides is recommended for the most qualitative development. The 2509n reel is available separately. As the 2550 can hold two 2509n reels, the development capacity is twice as large as the 2520 developing tank. The tank can therefore simultaneously develop 12 sheet films of format 4x5 inch / 9x12cm or 18 sheet films of format 6x9cm.

The Multi Tank 5 is also compatible with the adjustable 2502 reel for the development of one 35mm film or two 120 roll films. The 2520 tank can hold up to five 2502 reels with custom size for 35mm film making it possible to develop five 35mm films at the same time. The tank can also develop two 120 roll films at the same time using the integrated clip in the film reel. Each 2502 reel is equipped with a red clip which makes it possible to load two roll films on one reel without the risk of overlap. This possibility allows the 2550 Multi Tank 5 to develop six roll films at the same time, despite the fact that the tank can only hold three 2502 reels with an adjusted size for roll film. If the clip is not used, the tank can develop three roll films. This 2502 reel is not included and is available separately. 

For rotation development with a compatible Jobo processor, the tank only needs 640ml of photochemistry to develop 35mm film, 120 roll film or sheet film and is one of the most economical solutions to develop film regardless of the format. In this case the tank must be equipped with a cog (#1505) to attach it to the processor lift or a magnetic base (#1504) if the processor is not equipped with a lift. Both accessories are not included and are available separately.

  • Filling and film capacity:

    Tank equipped with Films Rotation Inversion
    5 reels 2502 5 films 35mm 640 ml        min. 640 ml
    reels 2502 3 films 120 640 ml min. 640 ml
    6 films 120 640 ml min. 640 ml
    reel 2509N up to 6 films 4x5"/6x9cm/9x12cm 640 ml min. 640 ml
    reels 2509N up to 12 films 4x5"/9x12cm or up to 18 films 6x9cm 640 ml min. 640 ml

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