Jobo 2502 Tank Reel Duo-Set for 2500-series Developing Tanks

Jobo 2502 Tank Reel Duo-Set for 2500-series Developing Tanks

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The package contains one Jobo 2502 Tank Reel with clip.

The adjustable Jobo 2502 tank reel is suitable for the development of one 35mm film or two 120 roll films and is compatible with all Jobo developing tanks from the 2500 series such as the 2520 and 2550 tanks.

Each 2502 reel is equipped with a red clip that makes it possible to load two roll films on one tank reel without any risks of overlapping. Because of this possibility, for example, the Jobo 2502 Multi Tank 2 allows two roll films to be developed at the same time, despite the fact that the tank can only hold one 2502 reel with an adapted format for roll film. If the clip is not used, one roll film can be loaded onto the reel.

Made of high quality plastic for long term, professional use.

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Product features

Package contents
1x Jobo 2502 Tank Reel, 1x Tank Reel Clip

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