Stearman Press SP-445 4x5" Sheet Film Developing Tank

Stearman Press SP-445 4x5" Sheet Film Developing Tank

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The Stearman Press SP-445 Developing Tank for Sheet Film comes standard with the latest Revision 4 film holders!

The Stearman Press SP-445 Film Processing System for 4x5 inch sheet films, is a project that got out of hand by an American photographer who, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, was able to bring the product on the market for the general public.

The SP-445 is a compact, simple solution for developing 4x5" sheet films with minimal use of photochemistry. With only 475ml of photochemistry per development session, 4 sheet films size 4x5" can be developed simultaneously. This makes it one of the most economical sheet film development systems on the market today.

The light proof tank contains two film holders, each holding two sheets, which have already undergone several improvements. The improvements that have been made to the holders in recent years have mainly been aimed at creating a better flow of chemistry, allowing a more consistent and even development without compromising the ease of use of the system. The tank can be quickly filled and emptied thanks to the opening provided in the lid of the tank. The opening can be closed during development with the supplied screw cap.

The SP-445 development tank from Stearman Press is suitable for all methods of development such as normal agitation as well as stand development.

The tank is always supplied with the latest revision film holders which are also available separately.

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1x Stearman Press SP-445 4x5" Sheet Film Developing Tank, 2x Stearman Press SP-445 Film Holder

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