AP Compact Developing Tank + 2x Multiformat Self-feed Spirals

AP Compact Developing Tank + 2x Multiformat Self-feed Spirals

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The AP Compact Developing Tanks are similar in use as the Paterson System 4 tanks and Jobo 1500-tanks but have some extra features which distinguish them from the others. The main reason to choose AP Compact tanks over others is that their tanks are easy to load and have a different more tight closing system.

The self-feeding multiformat reels contain thumb grips on the wide film insert area, which functions as a sort of feeder and makes it easy to load your film directly onto the reel without any hassle. A small stainless steel ball housed in the film entry track ensures it blocks anti-backward movement. The spirals accept 135/126/127 and 120-220 formats and the spirals are compatible with all Paterson tanks on the market. This is a big benefit for anyone who is starting film developing for the first time or who develops frequently and want to this easy and fast. In contrary to other tanks, the closing lid screws onto tanks right into the reel base which makes leakages impossible due to the extra thick rubber that is around the lid. Tank is closed with a plastic (red) cap that clicks onto the tank.

All compact tanks are made from unbreakable plastic that is heat-resistant, watertight and opaque to light. The tank includes two multiformat reels which can be adjusted to the format of your film. It's possible to develop two 35mm films simultaneously or one 120 roll film.

Produced in Spain, Europe.


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1x AP Compact Developing Tank, 2x Spires Multi-formats Auto-Chargeuse

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