Paterson Film Developing Tank - Multi-Reel 3 + MOD54 Mk27 4x5" Sheet Film Processor

Paterson Film Developing Tank - Multi-Reel 3 + MOD54 Mk27 4x5" Sheet Film Processor

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This combo contains everything you need to develop sheet film format 4x5" at a great price. In addition to a Paterson Film Developing Tank Multi-Reel 3 you will also receive the matching MOD54 Film Processor for the simultaneous development of six 4x5" sheet films. The Paterson tank can also be used for the development of 35mm and 120 films. For this you need a few more Paterson film reels that are available separately. The Multi-Reel 3 Developing Tank can develop up to three 35mm films simultaneously or two 120 roll films.

Paterson Film Developing Tank - Multi-Reel 3

The Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tanks are simple to load, faster to fill and easier to clean than any other tank. It has a large diameter one piece lid and funnel which clips into place positively and securely, enabling the tank to be filled and emptied quickly.

The Multi-Reel 3 Developing Tank takes three 35mm films or two 120/220 films. The tank comes without any auto-load reels, these are available separately.

The Super System 4 Developing Tanks are designed for the developing of films through agitation of the processing solutions by inversion of the tank using the flexible water tight cap provided, or by rotary agitation using the agitation rod also provided.

300ml of solution is required to develop a single 35mm film and 500ml to develop a single 120/220 film. As a result, developing three 35mm films requires 900ml of solution or 1000ml when developing two 120/220 films.

It is essential that in use, the auto-load film reels are always used fixed onto the centre column that also comes with the tank. This ensures that the tank remains light tight during the processing cycle. The reels are designed to grip the centre column and any number from one reel up to tank maximum can be used. Care should be taken when inverse agitation is used with less than a full load of film and chemistry, as it can leas over vigorous agitation of the chemistry.

MOD54 Mk27 4x5" Sheet Film Processor for Paterson Film Developing Tank

The MOD54 Film Processor for Sheet Film was designed by Irish fashion photographer Morgan O'Donovan who was looking for an affordable solution for the development of 4x5" Sheet Film. After a whole series of improvements, the MOD54 Developing Tank Insert was born. It appealed to many other (analog) photographers, mainly because the processor can be used in combination with a standard Paterson Multi Reel 3 developing tank. Thanks to the high demand, the product could be produced on a larger scale and the Film Processor is now available for everyone.

With the MOD54 Film Processor (version 27) you can easily and quickly develop six sheet films format 4x5" simultaneously. The module is tailor made to be used in combination with a Paterson Multi-reel 3 Development Tank. The robust and well thought-out design of the module ensures that sheets can be loaded into the module without much effort and development can proceed consistently without streaks.

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1x Paterson Film Developing Tank - Multi-Reel 3, 1x MOD54 Mk27 4x5" Sheet Film Processor for Paterson Film Developing Tank

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