Jobo 1530 Extension Module for Film Developing Tank

Jobo 1530 Extension Module for Film Developing Tank

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The Jobo 1500 modular Tank System is made of chemical-resistant plastics for inversion or rotation processing of 35mm and roll films.

With this Jobo 1530 extension module, you can easily expand the capacity of your Jobo 1500 series film developing tank. Ideal for when, for example, you have purchased a 1510 35mm developing tank in the past and would now like to develop roll film or if you would like to develop several films at the same time. The module clicks easily and securely to your existing developing tank and this between the tank and the tank lid.

The extension module increases the development capacity of your existing developing tank with three extra 35mm films or one to two extra roll films depending on the use of the clip system of the 1501 reel. The roll film capacity is increased by a factor of 1.5 allowing you to develop two to four roll films in a 1510 developing tank using two 1501 reels. Each 1501 reel is equipped with a red clip which makes it possible to load two roll films on one reel without the risk of overlap. This possibility allows two roll films to be developed simultaneously, despite the fact that, for example, the tank can only hold 1501 reel with an adapted format for roll film, such as the 1510 tank. If the clip is not used, the tank can develop one roll film.

When the expansion module is used together with the developing tank for manual inversion development, the extension module must be filled with 725ml of photochemistry. For rotation development with a compatible Jobo processor, the module requires 330ml of photochemistry to get the job done. In this case the development tank to which the module is clicked must be equipped with a cog (#1505) to attach it to the processor lift or a magnetic base (#1504) if the processor is not equipped with a lift. Both accessories are not included and are available separately.

Up to two extension modules can be mounted on top of each other, so the maximum setup is module + module + film developing tank.

  • The following filling and film capacities apply when the module is applied to one of the 1500 series developing tanks:

    Tank fitted with Films Rotation Inversion
    Jobo 1510 Tank 4 reels 4 films 35mm 470ml 975ml
    2 reels 2 films 120 470ml 975ml
    4 films 120 470ml 975ml
    Jobo 1520 Tank
    5 reels 5 films 35mm 570ml 1.210ml
    3 reels 3 films 120 570ml 1.210ml
    6 films 120 570ml 1.210ml


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