Jobo Colorprocessor CPP-3 with Lift

Jobo Colorprocessor CPP-3 with Lift

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The Jobo CPP-3 Colorprocessor is a semi-automatic film and print processor that can handle any type of black-and-white or color (C-41, E-6, RA-4) photochemical process. Depending on the developing tank or drum used, the processor can handle many different film and paper formats like 35mm film, 120 film, sheet film in formats 4x5", 5x7" and 8x10" and photographic paper up to 50x60 cm (20x24 inch).

The CPP-3 offers continuous rotation agitation in combination with full temperature-control of each process, leading to consistent, repeatable results. It is equipped with a controlled water tap connection which allows to easily auto-fill the processor as well as to quickly add fresh water to cool down the process temperature if ambient temperature is higher. By using the clear LCD-display with associated chemistry-resistant keys, it is possible to program up to 32 different processes, of which 13 are factory pre-installed. Each process step can be programmed with a specific timer and a 10-digit information/instruction. Since the time-proven Jobo rotation processing system allows for full and precise control of every aspect of virtually any development process, the processor can be an important alternative to professional lab development.

Thanks to the included Jobo Lift, it is no longer necessary to disconnect the tank/drum from the processor in order to empty or fill it! This allows you to carry out any kind of development process in a clean way, without coming into contact with photochemistry yourself. Photochemistry can simply be added while the tank or drum is rotating and used chemistry can be discarded without any difficulties by pushing the lever of the lift. Processing times can therefore be maintained and even allow you to soak large size papers and films evenly. The Lift has been designed in such way that you can easily collect and reuse chemistry.

Continuing the tried and tested design of the successful former iterations of the Jobo Colorprocessor, the CPP-3 is fully backwards compatible with all existing Jobo developing tanks or drums. Even if you already invested in the Jobo tank system in advance, it is possible to use your existing Jobo tanks by simply pressing a cog (#1505) onto the lid of the tank or drum.

In short these are the most important features:

  • Allows for the use of existing Jobo developing tanks and (expert) drums;

  • Allows chemistry to be introduced into the tank while the agitator is on;

  • Allows for more accurate processing times down to the second, as well as faster introduction and dumping of chemistry;

  • Alleviates pressure build-up problems in problem-prone process types; 

  • Creates a nearly dry and clean work environment thanks to the included lift;

  • Is self-cleaning and helps prevent cross-contamination of the chemicals.

Some important technical specifications:

  • Size: 33.5 cm x 96 cm x 37 cm (HxWxD);

  • Weight when empty: 6,8 kg;

  • Water-jacket-volume: 18 L;

  • Temperature range: 20–40°C (+/- 0.2°C);

  • Film capacity: 7x 135-36 / 8x 120 / 18x 4x5" or 9x12 cm sheet film / 6x 5x7" or 13x18 cm sheet film / 5x 8x10" sheet film / 10-15m Super 8 or 16mm film

  • Paper capacity: up to 50x60 cm (20x24 inch)

Only on order, delivery on request!

Product features

Package contents
1x Jobo Colorprocessor CPP-3, 1x Jobo Lift #4072, 6x Jobo Chemical Storage Bottle 1000ml #3300, 1x Jobo Film Developing Tank 2520, 1x Jobo Film Reel 2502
Size / Dimensions:
33,5 cm x 96 cm x 37 cm
6,8 kg
2 years

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