Jobo Lift for Colorprocessor CPP-3 / CPP-2

Jobo Lift for Colorprocessor CPP-3 / CPP-2

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The Jobo Lift significantly improves and simplifies the operation of your CPP-2 or CPP-3 colorprocessor. When installed it is no longer necessary to disconnect the tank/drum from the processor in order to empty or fill it! This allows you to carry out any kind of development process in a clean way, without coming into contact with photochemistry yourself.

Photochemistry can simply be added while the tank or drum is rotating and used chemistry can be discarded without any difficulties by pushing the lever of the lift. Processing times can therefore be maintained and even allow you to soak large size papers and films evenly. The Lift has been designed in such way that you can easily collect and reuse chemistry.

All Jobo developing tanks or drums are compatible with the Lift when a cog (#1505) is installed on the tank lid.

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1x Jobo Lift for Colorprocessor CPP-3 / CPP-2
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