Jobo Colorprocessor CPE-3 with Lift

Jobo Colorprocessor CPE-3 with Lift

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Update 04/2020: from now on the CPE-3 is only available with lift. The version without lift will no longer be marketed by Jobo. Using the lift ensures more consistent end results and is a lot more practical. By using the lift, you don't have to disconnect the development tank during the development process to start a new bath. You simply discard the used bath into a large storage tank or sink if you are not going to use the chemistry again.

The new Jobo CPE-3 is a smaller and simpler version of the popular CPP-3 color processor and is Jobo's answer to the growing demand for more affordable solutions for developing color film at home.

The CPE-3 is based on the CPE-2+ but with numerous improvements such as a stronger motor, better electronic components and a more robust design. Compared to the CPP-3, the CPE-3 does not have automatic temperature control by means of an electronic display. The rotation of the tank and temperature is set by means of rotary knobs. Nevertheless, the accuracy of the set temperature in the bath has been further optimised and the deviation is only +/- 0.2°C. However, with these processors we still recommend keeping the temperatures manually with a color thermometer for consistent results.

The CPE-3 is suitable for any type of process both color (C-41, E-6, RA-4) and black-and-white in combination with 35mm film, 120/220 film or sheet film/paper up to 30x40cm. However, the CPE-3 is not compatible with the Jobo Expert and 3000-series drums!

The CPE-3 comes with the following accessories:

  • 4x Jobo 3310 Scaled Chemical Storage Bottle (600ml)

  • 4x Jobo 3308 Graduated Cylinder (260ml)

  • 1x Jobo 1520 UniTank Film Developing Tank + 1x 1501 Reel 

  • 1x Jobo 1503 Cog Tank Lid for Film Developing Tank


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