Jobo Lift for CPE-2 / CPE-3

Jobo Lift for CPE-2 / CPE-3

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Important! Not all CPE-2 units are compatible with this lift. Contact us before buying this unit to be sure it will fit your processor.

With the Jobo Lift developing photographic materials with your CPE-2/CPE-3 Color Processor is significantly improved. Installation and de-installation of the tank is easily avoided when using a lift instead of the magnet system.

Filling developing tanks with chemistry during running rotation becomes possible when using a lift. Emptying the chemistry is as easy as operating the lift upside-down. This leads to no more wet hands, more exact process timings, quicker and most important more equal chemistry distribution across the film/paper during the proces. Recycling and reusing your chemistry also becomes a tiny effort.

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1 x JOBO Lift voor CPE-2 / CPE-3
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