Starter Kit for Black-and-White Film Developing - CineStill / 1000ml

Starter Kit for Black-and-White Film Developing - CineStill / 1000ml

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Are you new to the wonderful world of analog photography and would you like to start developing your own black-and-white films? Or are you an experienced analog photographer nostalgic for the era of analog photography and would you like to pick up the thread? Then this starter kit for black-and-white film development is definitely for you!

This starter kit contains all you need to develop your own black-and-white films (35mm or 120). Get started with the universal and indestructible Paterson developing tank (with two universal film reels) and develop two 35mm films at the same time or one 120 roll film. Winding the film on the film reel is done in complete darkness. Once the film is wound up you put it in the developing tank and close it with the light-tight lid. Then you develop your film in normal daylight with the included film developer, stop bath and fixer bath. Measure the photochemistry exactly with the Paterson measuring cylinder of 600ml. The temperature of the chemistry is monitored with the included 23cm thermometer, specifically made for film development.

After you have successfully developed your film you hang it up with the supplied film clips to dry.

In short, this kit is good for a lot of development fun! This starter kit comes with the innovative CineStill Df96 B&W Monobath, a film developer and fix in one solution which drastically simplifies the development of black-and-white film. The monobath can be used with all types of black and white film even though films with T-Grain technology such as Kodak T-Max and Ilford Delta require double the development time. The bath can be used to develop 16 35mm films or 120 roll films. The developer delivers a pleasant contrast with a fine grain. The monobath has a lifespan of about 2 months after opening the bottle. The Df96 Monobath is liquid and therefore easy to dilute. To prevent drying stains on your film negative, the kit also contains a bottle of wetting agent to rinse your film after development. Once used, you can of course use the kit again with new, fresh chemistry!

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