Starter Kit for Color Film Developing - Bellini / 1L

Starter Kit for Color Film Developing - Bellini / 1L

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Are you new to the wonderful world of analog photography and would you like to start developing your own color films? Or are you an experienced analog photographer nostalgic for the era of analog photography and would you like to pick up the thread? Then this starter kit for color film development is definitely for you!

This starter kit contains all you need to develop your own color films (35mm or 120). Get started with the universal and indestructible Paterson developing tank (with two universal film reels) and develop two 35mm films at the same time or one 120 roll film. Winding the film on the film reel is done in complete darkness. Once the film is wound up you put it in the developing tank and close it with the light-tight lid. After that you develop your film in normal daylight with the included Monopart C-41 Color Film Processing Kit from Bellini. Measure the photochemistry exactly with the Paterson measuring cylinder of 600ml. The temperature of the chemistry is monitored with the included 30cm color thermometer, specifically made for color film development.

After you have successfully developed your film you hang it up with the supplied film clips to dry.

In short, this kit is good for a lot of development fun! This starter kit comes with a 1L Bellini Monopart C-41 Processing Kit for developing 12 to 16 35mm films or 120 roll films. Keep in mind that unlike developing black-and-white film, color chemistry has to be kept at a constant, high temperature (about 38 °C). A solution to bring and keep your chemistry to this temperature, such as a bain marie or a TCS-1000 from CineStill is not included in this kit and is (additionally) needed to develop color films.

This development kit offers a number of important advantages compared to the Colortec Kits from Tetenal. The kit consists of a one-piece color developer (hence the name monopart) and a separate bleaching and fixing bath. As a result, the kit is much faster to use than the Colortec Kit from Tetenal. For example, the colour developer does not consist of different components that have to be mixed beforehand. However, the temperature of the colour developer must still be strictly adhered to during development. Because the bleach and the fixer are divided into two separate baths, they can be applied more quickly one after the other and the processing time is much shorter than when working with a blix (bleach & fix) that can be found in the Tetenal Colortec kits. The final bath of the process still remains the stabilizer. With the supplied stabilization concentrate about 1L of working solution can be created. Films must be treated 3 to 4 times with this bath to obtain completely clean negatives. In comparison with other kits, the supplied concentrate can be diluted more strongly, so that more than enough working solution can be produced. The total development process therefore only takes about 12-14 minutes (preheating included). With this 1 litre kit a maximum of 16 35mm films (24 exposures) can be developed. The development of a minimum of 12 35mm films (24 exposures) must, however, always be feasible. However, it is still important to store the chemistry correctly in airtight bottles and, if necessary, to treat it with an anti-oxidation spray such as Tetenal Protectan. In that case, the chemistry will keep for up to 6 months. This starter kit comes with three brown Kaiser Chemistry Storage Bottles (1L). 

Once the Bellini C-41 kit is exhausted you can of course buy a new kit and develop new color films with the darkroom materials you already have.

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