Jobo 3300 Scaled Chemical Storage Bottles (6x1000ml)

Jobo 3300 Scaled Chemical Storage Bottles (6x1000ml)

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A set of six 1000ml wide-mouth scaled bottels for chemical storage (two black bottles 3372 and four white bottles 3373). These original Jobo storage bottles are custom-made to fit the Jobo CPP-2 and CPP-3 Color Processors, among others.

For these storage bottles, Jobo has designed a special cap that closes the storage bottles more effectively. Contrary to other models of storage bottles on the market, the inside of the cap is designed in such a way that stored photochemicals are properly sealed without the need for additional foam damping. Not only does this ensure exceptionally long bottle life without compromising sealing effectiveness, but it also prevents contamination of chemicals as long as the lids are cleaned and rinsed with water after each development session.


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Package contents
4x Jobo 3300 Scaled Bottle 1000ml (White), 2x Jobo 3300 Scaled Bottle 1000ml (Black)

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