Polaroid Spectra Color Instant Film

Polaroid Spectra Color Instant Film

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Bigger is better.

Polaroid might be best known for that classic, square frame, but they made a few other formats over the years. Spectra film is a widescreen version of their classic instant film, for when you absolutely, positively have to fit every single person in the shot. Accept no substitutes.

Spectra cameras are wider than regular Polaroid cameras, which means they need their own, wider film. Simple, right? This Spectra film gives you all the same clean tones and textures of the other Polaroid film packs, but with a wide-format frame. So whether you're taking breathtaking landscape photographs, or just trying to fit all your cousins in the family reunion photo, you've got a little more space to work with.

You Should Know (!):
Aging Spectra cameras may not work well with the new film 100% of the time, so there’s a chance your Spectra film pack may jam. It is important that you test your camera thoroughly and try out one film pack to see if you camera works as it should be if you have never used it before or a long time ago.

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Product features

Polaroid Originals
Package contents
1x Polaroid Spectra Color Instant Film
Film type
Size / Dimensions:
10.2 x 10.3 cm (Image Dimensions: 9.0 x 7.3 cm)
Number of exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 640
Film compatible with
Polaroid Image/Spectra Cameras
White border
Develop Time
15 minutes (21°); fully developed
Battery / Power Source
Film cassette has an integrated battery

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