Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome Film / (1x10)

Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome Film / (1x10)

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Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome Instant Film is a black and white film compatible with all instant cameras using Instax Wide film and delivers pure black and white prints.

The monochrome film enables mini shooters to expand the artistic potential of their photographic expression and adding a further dimension of fun to use instax cameras and films.

Each film contains 10 prints and is compatible with all Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras and Lomo'instant cameras.

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Product features

Package contents
1x Instax Wide Monochrome Film
Film type
Size / Dimensions:
10,8 x 8,6 cm (Photo: 9,9 x 6,2 cm)
Number of exposures
Film Sensitivity
800 ASA
Film compatible with
Fujifilm Instax Wide 200, 300 and Lomo'Instant Wide
Witte kaders
Develop Time
5-10 minuten

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