Bergger 24x30,5 cm - GLOSSY - 25 SHEETS - Prestige Variable CB VCCB-243025

24x30,5 cm - GLOSSY - 25 SHEETS - Prestige Variable CB

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Bergger Prestige Variable CB is a high-quality, black-and-white photographic paper coated onto a double weight fiber base (280 g/sqm). Variable CB is a chlorobromide paper which results in a very high Dmax and a warm image tone.

Variable CB has a glossy paper surface. Thanks to the blue and green sensitizers included in the paper emulsion, Variable CB delivers outstanding results at all contrast grades and can be your choice of paper for both soft- and high-contrast images. Using the standard Ilford Multigrade Filters, contrast grades from 0 to 5 can be reached at only half a step.

Bergger Prestige Variable CB can be considered as an alternative to the Fiber Warmtone papers from Ilford.

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Product features

Package contents
1x 24x30,5 cm - GLOSSY - 25 SHEETS - Prestige Variable CB
Paper base
Fiber-Based (FB)
Paper contrast
Paper size (cm)
24,1 x 30,5 cm
Paper size (inch)
9.5 x 12 inch
Number of sheets
280 g/m²
Paper tone
Darkroom Light
Red or orange

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