Foma 30,5x40,6 cm - SEMI-GLOSSY - 10 SHEETS - FOMATONE 131 MG Classic V23640

30,5x40,6 cm - SEMI-GLOSSY - 10 SHEETS - FOMATONE 131 MG Classic

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Update 2022: the paper base of the Fomatone 131 was changed. This is due to the fact that the base of the original paper is no longer produced by the relevant manufacturer. As a result, the paper has a less glossy finish than the "original" Fomatone 131 photo paper and is now characterized as semi-glossy from now on.

Especially suited for Lith-printing!

FOMATONE MG is a variable-contrast photographic paper working in a warm tone, specially designed for portrait photography and retro style works. Its contrast can be varied in a large extent from extra soft up to ultra hard by using colour filters at exposure. 

The paper is manufactured using a special silver chlorobromide emulsion that gives the silver image a brown-green to warm-brown tone that can further be influenced by the type of developer used. The paper base involved is coloured in compliance with the tone of the developed silver. This accentuates rich scale of warm halftones ranging from light cream up to saturated brown-to-green black ones. 

Regarding its low speed, the paper is designed primarily for contact work, it can be, however, used as an enlargement paper as well. Special silver chlorobromide emulsion of this paper enables the consumers to use creative methods within so called „lith“ processes.

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Product features

Paper base
Fiber-Based (FB)
Paper contrast
Paper size (cm)
30,5 x 40,6 cm
Paper size (inch)
12 x 16 inch
Number of sheets
280 g/m²
Paper tone
Darkroom Light

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