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17,8x24 cm - PEARL - 100 SHEETS - Multigrade V RC Portfolio

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The Ilford Multigrade V RC Portfolio black-and-white papers are the ideal choice for those looking for a black-and-white paper with a thick RC base (255 g/m2) and bright basic tone. The range was specifically created by Ilford to enable photographers to deliver a leading print of their work, whether for clients, for exhibition purposes or as part of their personal portfolio. With its thick paper base the prints are just that little bit more.

The Multigrade V RC Portfolio paper series is the successor to the IV series, which was launched in 2021. The updated RC emulsion more than ever mimics the image tone and sensitometry of Ilford's Fiber Classic photo papers without losing the fast flat-drying properties that characterize RC papers. Portfolio thus offers the best of both worlds: premium quality of fiber-based papers and the ease of use of RC papers.

Like its predecessor, the Multigrade V Portfolio paper is a variable contrast paper with a wide contrast range, from gradation 00 to 5. It uses the 5th generation Multigrade emulsion and thus has a slightly warmer base tint, better blacks for more depth, improved mid-grade spacing and a flatter sensometric curve that ensures more even contrast across the tonal range.


Product features

Paper base
Resin-Coated (RC)
Paper contrast
Paper size (cm)
17,8 x 24 cm
Paper size (inch)
7 x 9.5 inch
Number of sheets
255 g/m²
Paper tone
Darkroom Light
Red or orange

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