Ilford HP400 127 B&W Film

Ilford HP400 127 B&W Film

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Once a year Ilford produces film in non-standard formats at the request of its customers. This gives you the opportunity to order sheet film in very large formats. Ilford calls this buying action ULF or Ultra Large Formats. But it is not only large formats that are exceptionally available, you can also buy Ilford HP5 in film format 127 and this on large rolls. This HP400 comes from this master roll and was cut into individual films.

ILFORD HP5 PLUS is a high speed, fine grain, medium contrast black & white film making it an excellent choice for journalism, documentary, travel, sports, action and indoor available light photography.

Nominally rated at ISO 400, HP5 PLUS produces negatives of outstanding sharpness and fine grain under all lighting conditions. It has been formulated to respond well to push-processing and can be rated up to El 3200/36°.

It’s wide exposure latitude makes it a great choice for beginners, those returning to film as well as the more experienced professional users.

HP5 PLUS can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors.

Most important features:

  • High speed ISO 400

  • Great results in varied lighting conditions

  • Wide exposure latitude

The film is compatible with the following cameras (non-exhaustive): Ace Ajoy, Acro Rangefinder, Agfa Isoly, Agilux, Ansco, Bell and Howell Electric Eye, Bencini of Milan Comet, Bilora Bella, Cima Luxette, Certo Dolly, Coronet 4x4, Ensign Multex, Ferrania Ibis & Tanit, Foth Derby, Ilfoflex, Ilford Sprite, Ilford Sporti 4, Haking Haco 4x4, Ikonta, Kochmann Korelle 3x4, Kodak Vest Pocket, Kodak Vest Pocket Series 3, Kodak Number 0 Brownie, Kodak Brownie Reflex, Kodak Brownie 127, Kodak Brownie 44, Kodak Hawkeye Box Cameras, Kodak Brownie Starflex, Kodak Brownie Starmite, Kodak Brownie Starmatic, Kodak Baby Brownie Special, Kodak Brownie Vecta, Koto Optic Works Komaflex-S, Minolta Miniflex, Porst Hapomatic, Rodenstock Ysella, Rolleiflex 4x4 (Baby Rolleiflex), Sawyers Mark IV, Voigtlander Perkeo, Walz Automat, Welta Gucki, Whitehouse Beacon Autoflash, Yashica 4x4-Models, Zeiss Ikon Tengor.


Product features

Package contents
1x Ilford HP400 127 B&W Film
Film type
Black-and-White Negative
Size / Dimensions:
Number of exposures
4x4: 12 exposures; 4×3: 16 exposures; 4×6: 8 exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 400
Push / pull
Ilford ID-11, Microphen, Ilfotec DD-X, Tetenal Ultrafin, Rodinal,...

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