Fomapan 100 Classic 8x10 INCH / 50 sheets

Fomapan 100 Classic 8x10 INCH / 50 sheets

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FOMAPAN 100 Classic is a panchromatically sensitized, black-and-white negative film designed for taking photographs. FOMAPAN 100 has a low nominal film speed but is characterized by high resolution. The film meets high requirements for low granularity, high resolving power, contour sharpness and a wide range of halftones.

FOMAPAN 100 Classic has a nominal film speed of ISO 100/21°C, but due to its wide exposure latitude the film also gives good results when overexposed by 1 EV (exposure value) (as ISO 50/18°C) or underexposed by 2 EV (as ISO 400/27°C) without any change in processing, i.e. without lengthening the development time or increasing the temperature of the developer used.

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Product features

Package contents
1x Fomapan 100 Classic 8x10 INCH / 50 sheets
Film type
Black-and-white Negative
Size / Dimensions:
8x10" (20,3x25,4 cm) Sheet Film
Film Sensitivity
ISO 100
Fine grain
Push / pull
Fomadon R09, LQN, Kodak D-76, Ilford Microphen,...

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