Washi Film B 125 4x5 INCH / 12 sheets

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Film "B", was originally made for generic medical radiography, like bones structures examination, and therefore destined to be exposed to X-rays. Converted to regular format it can also be used for analog photography. Being coated with sensitive emulsion on both sides, there is no notch on the sheet films so it can be loaded both ways. This particularity, and the lack of anti­-halation layer, will give the pictures a special look that creates a very unique aesthetic. 

As an orthochromatic film, it can be processed by inspection in open trays under safelight, or in a regular tank. Radiographic films are more fragile than others and need extra care during all part of use and process to avoid any risk of scratch. 

Being sensitive only to blue light, film "B" is recommended for portrait and urban photography.

  • Base: Polyester, 175 μm

  • Spectral sensitivity: max. 450 nm

  • Darkroom lightning: red, min 575 nm

  • Exposure: 125 ISO

  • Processing: 125 ISO, Tetenal Ultrafin, 20°C, 1+10, 3-4 min


Washi Film

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ManufacturerFilm Washi
Package contents1x Washi Film B 125 4x5 INCH / 12 sheets
Film typeBlack-and-White Negative
Size / Dimensions:4x5 inch (10,2 x 12,7 cm)
Film SensitivityISO 125
DevelopmentTetenal Ultrafin, Ilford Ilfosol 4, Ilfotec LC29,...

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Washi Film B 125 4x5 INCH / 12 sheets