Washi Film K 100 4x5 INCH / 12 sheets

Washi Film K 100 4x5 INCH / 12 sheets

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Film "K" is converted from rolls of Kodak Plus-X Aerographic Film 2402, expired since 2000. These perforated rolls of 5 inches’ width are cut in 4x5 or 5x7 sheet film to be used in regular large format cameras. Despite its long expiration date, this 3-kilometre stock of aerial film, has been stored in good condition and still gives very good results. A nostalgic film, as the emulsion has been discounted by Kodak a long time ago. As this original stock of film is perforated, the perforation could be slightly visible on two side of the pictures, as shown on the sample image.

  • Base: blue Polyester ESTAR, 100 μm

  • Spectral sensitivity: max. 700 nm

  • Darkroom lightning: total darkness!

  • Exposure: 100 ISO

  • Processing: 100 ISO, Tetenal Ultrafin, 20°C, 1+10, 8 min - 100 ISO, Rodinal, 20°C, 1+25, 6 min - 100 ISO, Kodak XTOL, 24°C, 1+1, 5 min.

Product features

Package contents
1x Washi Film K 100 4x5 INCH / 12 sheets
Film type
Black-and-white Negative
Size / Dimensions:
4x5" (10,2x12,7 cm) Sheet Film
Film Sensitivity
ISO 100
Fine grain
Tetenal Ultrafin, Agfa Rodinal, Ilford LC29,...

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