With the launch of Polaroid Originals in 2020, a new era for instant photography began. Acquiring the Polaroid brand name was the last missing piece of the puzzle for the team behind the "Impossible Project" which, with a lot of trial and error, has been trying to bring the one and only Polaroid film back to the market after the bankruptcy of Polaroid in 2008. Since then we can finally talk about the one and only Polaroid film again! The film emulsion is constantly being improved in order to match the quality of the original film despite the limitations of raw materials. At Retro Camera you will find the full range of Polaroid film for both classic Polaroid 600, SX-70, Image and Spectra cameras as well as for the new i-Type cameras. Even the giant 8x10" instant film for large format cameras is available for purchase.

Polaroid Instant Film for Polaroid Cameras

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